Furnace & Heating

Carroll Mechanical Services offers furnace installation, replacement and repair of ALL BRANDS of furnaces, heating and HVAC equipment in Longmont and the surrounding community.

If you are looking for a new furnace or any heating system for home or office, there are several from which to choose. Carroll Mechanical Services has furnace and heat systems experience where we can help you choose a furnace that best meets your individual requirements for home or business. The size, number of rooms, and internal square footage, temperature requirements, as well as local utility rebate programs are key factors that help determine the best system to meet your needs.

We have a 24 service-point furnace inspection that we perform, followed up with any repair recommendations that may be required:

  1. Clean and Check Heat Burners
  2. Clean and Check Pilot
  3. Check Flame Baffle
  4. Set Gas Pressure
  5. Check Gas Volume
  6. Set Heat Burner’s Air Adjustment
  7. Check Fan Controller
  8. Check Gas Valve
  9. Check Pilot, Thermocouple, and Spark Ignitor
  10. Inspect Combustion Chamber
  11. Check Temperature Rise
  12. Inspect Blower Motor
  13. Inspect Blower Bearings
  14. Inspect Wiring
  15. Inspect Air Filtration System
  16. Inspect Flue
  17. Inspect Limit Control
  18. Inspect Heat Anticipation
  19. Inspect Thermostat
  20. Inspect Amperage and Voltage to Motors
  21. Inspect Safety Interlock Switch
  22. Perform Carbon Monoxide Test
  23. Perform Air Duct Inspection
  24. Advise Customer of Results

As a home or business owner, the last thing you need to concern yourself with, is the comfort and safety of your furnace.  Nothing is more annoying and sometimes stressful  than a compromised  heating or cooling system when the outside temperatures reach their Colorado extremes.

Carroll Mechanical Services provides you with top quality HVAC equipment, parts, and quality heating  services 24×7 that you can trust.

We install and service all major brands plus all others including:

  • Lennox
  • Rheem
  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Bryant
  • Carrier

Call Carroll Mechanical Services of Longmont, CO for all your heating and cooling needs.